At Marivel IT we offer some compelling and valuable differences to other providers out there.

Our advantages

How it makes sense to deal with Marivel IT Services

1. Deal with Someone who cares.

We are small. So there\'s a high chance you will be dealing with an owner or manager- Someone who actually cares.

2. We\'re Responsive.

We understand business, and know that every hour you\'re without your computers or internet can cost dearly. So we have a real sense of urgency when solving your problems.

3. Our Solutions save you money.

But minimising your downtime, maximising your productivity we\'re the lowest cost solution and best value for money. Deal with an IT company who can deliver both support and hardware for a total solution.

4. We stand behind our products.

For most of our desktop computers and laptops, we bundle a BONUS of FREE telephone support. So you will have the support you need setting up and optimising your solution.

Australian Computer Sales & Support

Unlike some of the discount chains, we will support any computer hardware we sell. For many of the computer bundles we offer included support hours. This means we’ll get you through any teething troubles with your new computers. We offer affordable IT supportand hardware to maximize your uptime and productivity.



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