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Marivel I.T. Services - a Systems Integrator specialising in Windows based systems.

We can cover most western, eastern, northern and inner Melbourne city suburbs. Our services include Desktop support, Network Support, Remote Support and Consulting.

Desktop Support

Desktop Support pixabay.jpg

We run many apps on our desktops (and laptops and other devices). What happens when things don't work they way they should?

There's desktop support to fix all issues related to working on your computer.

From computer not starting to blank screens, email not working, malware, slow response and more!

We can fix most issues and have you up and running promptly.


Network Support

Network Support.png

We rely on information technology for many things. What happens when a critical piece of technology stops working?

It could affect operations and even stop business on its tracks.

This is why you need responsive, effective network support to keep your infrastructure alive.

Our engineers are Microsoft/Cisco experienced and trained. They can support,

maintain and troubleshoot your network issues.

Remote Support

Remote Computer Support.jpg

Remote Support enables our engineers to connect to your computer via the internet to apply updates, diagnose and fix many issues.  By servicing your IT needs remotely,

we can also schedule a time when your not busy or even after hours.

As not all systems or networks may be 

suited to remote support, we can also go out onsite to fix issues.

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting.png

As technology changes, your business needs to change to keep pace. Technology consulting provides you with the right options to consider while implementing changes.

Are you using the best technologies for your needs and budget?

Do you have the right methods to make the best use of that technology?

How are you storing/accessing corporate

data? Is it reliable / safe / available when you need it?

Are your staff adequately trained so they can use technology optimally?

These are some of the questions which

our consultants can answer for you.

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