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Provides network support for your computers, servers and other network devices. This support may include but is not limited by the following:

  • administer server computer
  • set up DHCP and/or DNS for server computer
  • perform back up tasks on the network
  • install & configure Windows Server on server computer
  • install & configure server sub systems
  • administer Active Directory
  • connect or troubleshoot workstation to the network
  • configure a share folder on the server
  • install & configure network device such as switch, adsl modem
  • and/or router onto network
  • install & configure software for server computer
  • troubleshoot network issue

Prepaid Network support can be used for Consulting and/or Desktop support.

10 hours prepaid Network Support: you save 10.5% or $194.25 off equivalent hourly rates

Validity: Up to 10 hours prepaid Network Support valid up to 12 months. Between 10 to 20 hours prepaid Network Support valid up to 18 months. Over 20 hours prepaid Network Support valid up to 24 months.

Pre-paid Network Support 10 hours

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